Stuff I love

Everything on this list is something I have used and loved. None of these suggestions are sponsored. I do make a very small commission from Amazon on anything purchased via these links, but hey, a Momma Monster has to feed her Little Monster, right?

Sleep Training Books                                   

Want to give it a go yourself before calling in a pro? Give it a shot! Precious Little Sleep is witty, hilarious, and no-nonsense; the Sleep Lady offers a softer, gentler approach. They both work if applied consistently, patiently, and lovingly!

Parenting Books

Positive discipline is about teaching, not punishing. If we combine love and respect with predictable routines and firm boundaries, we have the key to raising happy, healthy, well-rested kids!

Going to Bed Books

A bedtime routine is KEY for young children; just the act of going into their room at an appropriate, consistent time, dimming the lights, and reading a few books gets their melatonin flowing. Here are some of our favorites.

*these are available for just about any state/country/locale!